Clarifying a few points

[As the banks begin to get tougher on lending and more more people fall into danger of losing their home its time for the National to review things.]

Head chairmen keep very close to interest rates and watch their raise and fall, as this happens the National review the flaws in our competitors that copy us as we are the pioneers National building system works like Lego as the National and our National favoritism by most prove our popularity.

Keeping up with interest rates and loans and mortgages as well as re mortgages is all inclusive of a days work. We look at Britain’s empty homes and those in desperation to sell once we are certain little is changing we devise a lending scheme of our own . (“National get right into the volume of sales lost and see how their prices can help, National UK property purchasing has intensified rapidly. National benefits the most when home owners understand how the National work and then the begin to trust National and become willing to close a deal with us.

A good example is our National developer team. They work on keeping close to the mortgage rates going up and down. National’s have the leading edge on its understanding as Bob Willis is a trained and qualified finance specialist in property economy and he frequently inputs his ideology into the business. Nationalizers Paul Steven and Kirk Soft contribute their part too. Most consultants within the housing market do not have their own personal money which they can spend but have close ties with the bank to burrow the money as and when they need it. This can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage as they can always say no. We state this point as we prove that we know how to handle what we have as well as how to increase its value having this advantage allows us to expand on to commercial estates as well as land buying. This clarifies a couple points and it helps customers to understand a bit more about us.

Another good example were National prove their efficiency is in the speed which the National can give you your money once the agreement has been made to sell your home National can provide the money cash into your bank account within seven working days. This yet another example were National use the leading edge they have all others in fast house buying not only this also the fact is they have been in this business for over 50 years, its their prime objective to better the way the company is run and our clients notice this happens at the National as the continue to use Think in anyway you want to the National are best of its kind in the UK

Some here we are in the UK almost into mid 2010 the repossessions call on National’s service to revive them as National gets into tackling ways to better the way they purchase houses. This a battle to the end for us as we never believe we are doing our best meaning we feel a company can always be run better. In a sense we have become a bank but a bank of houses therefore we want to better this. As equity release and sell and rent back have become no use to most of use sensible within the property business we have to move on and come up with original attractive offers. Kirk feels despite our huge success I really believe our time has yet to come as strategic careful planning goes into every step we take.

All in All I am very happy with the methods Kirk puts into National. Its great when the CEO eats and breathes the work which he is involved in, it shows commitment as well as devotion to the forever changing property market as well as commitment to bettering National and this is daily food for thought when you are around that type of workmanship. To higher the standard of purchasing skills takes a lot more than you make think, you have to understand the UK’s banking clientèle as well as the bank interest rates and you must have a full understanding of loans and payment schemes once you have the through understanding of money and its usage you can implement that. Most property consultants cant compete with a bank as they simply do not have that type of capital. Something we have gained to keep

If you wish to know more you can drop me an email I hope this post helps to clarify.