Bank Property Sniffer and more…..

So lots of stuff going on. A few changes have taken place at customers on stop-repossession. I did a little research about a few banks here, to know more click here. The review I did a little while back is not for the faint hearted. This is revealing some issues with the bank here and there, it will allow you to look deeper into how the house market is going nationally, it shows that a little research can go a long way. Never fall for the charms of any bank, or property consultant who gives you the run down of the deals available to you. Always do your own research and compare it with what is said to be on offer.

This also coincides with some shuffling around I did on a little project called Honda Scooter. I started it as I want public transportation to no longer be the reason why we cant travel from property to property. As a result of that I am buying all our staff a means of fast transportation for all our customers within a ten mile radius of our main office,meaning their journey will be via a Honda Scooter. Mainly Honda Scooter is a bike company, it will be dedicated for our business runs and to contribute to keeping punctual. A lot of time has gone into this but we feel it will increase customer satisfaction. In any case check it out.