Antique Wooden Flooring UK

Rischkopf Antiques UK are experienced regarding innumerable aspects of premium, high quality antique, reclaimed wooden flooring. We at Rischkopf Antiques are experiencing an increase in popularity of high quality wooden floors.  Be it for listed- or modern buildings.

Floor patterns vary from the timeless classical- to modern and individual.  The timeless classical floors are known as herringbone parquet, cube parquet and parquet panelling.  Fashionable at present are simple floorboards.

Customers Like Ohsoname were overwhelmed with our products as were the Property Weblog, its hardly surprising we are attracting musicians like the Guitar Lesson to purchase our wonderful floors made from quality wood.

Nothing compares to the warmth and patina, which an old wooden floor UK, with its naturally aged dark tone wood expresses. The antique wood we use is 18th century aged oak.  We only use the best. The tone of the naturally aged dark wood cannot be compared to any smoked or stained surface of an artificially antiqued wood surface.

Our Antique Parquet flooring UKis manufactured in solid oak and in a 300-year-old tradition.  Our French Parquet panels are made to traditional size, being 98*98cm, yet on demand we can provide panels of your choice.  The Panels are manufactured by hand in traditional manner, assembled by mortises and tenons joint and pegged.  We do not use glue.  As opposed to most new parquet panelling manufacturing, which is made from sawn beams, we only use old reclaimed parquet boards.   Since the panels are only grooved, we supply separate tongues with your panel order.  Every wood order is dried to an optimum level.

Rischkopf Antiques UK has over 30 years of experience of every aspect of reclaimed antique materials.  Please contact us for further assistance, we are pleased to help and advise you, be it regarding planning of an old floor, or searching for an antique fireplace, fountain or gate, our contacts range far and Rischkopf Antiques UK is proud to say that from our experience, nothing is impossible to accomplish.

National Homebuyers UK-antiques also deals with Historical parquet antiques flooring what is more we deliver nationwide. Also on sale is antique parquet, and antique parquet genannt.

We can advise you further at the Property Blog, & Quick Property Sale.