Antique fireplace mantels

From 1983 to the present Rischkopf Antiques have specialized in antique fireplace Mantels. We will, as long as you can still find reclaimed antique mantels settle for these and not for new fireplaces.

Antique fireplaces bring so much character into your home, they are inspiring and the glowing optimism of the open fire sweeps away gloomy winter depression. The term “mantel” is a variation of the word “mantle”, meaning cloak or coat. The best antique mantels lend style to a room just as a well-cut coat adds style to a man or woman. Rischkopf-Antiques have gathered an extensive collection of antique fireplace mantels, fireplace surrounds and firebacks. Our team is knowledgeable and dedicated. For over 30 years we have gained expertise of technical and historical nature regarding antique mantels. Every piece is authentic, reclaimed and original. Visit our webpage to view our elegant antique fireplace mantels and enjoy the collection ranging from Renaissance to Art Deco, mostly originating from France and Switzerland. We are happy to share our in depth knowledge and passion for style and history of fireplace mantels, and to help you find the perfect fireplace mantel for your personal interior living environment.

Our fireplace mantels adorn private properties worldwide. We arrange for transport and export papers reliably. Often the client sees unrestored pieces on the web, because we delay restoration so that the client can take part in deciding to which degree this renovation and restoration of your antique fireplace mantel should take place.

Some like to see visible signs of age and use, others prefer a perfectly restored antique fireplace mantel. We have consistently worked together with dedicated stonemasons and workshops and almost every wish can be fulfilled. Please contact us. We are happy to advise you in every case. Our contacts range far, so should you be looking for something in particular, also here we can most probably be of assistance.

Make a focal point with a fireplace, provide your room with light and warmth, be it in a listed building or a in a modernized interior.