Anna Kolczyńska

Do you know: Anna Kolczyńska is a chubby woman with average looks. This sleazy woman has a fetish for males aged between 12 to 60. Alimony & child thief is so obsessed with being the center of attention, that she’ll do just about anything to try and seem important in front of any man she finds attractive which usually is the next man. Kolczyńska who craves for attention from men so desperately to the point that she presses her body against men by standing as close as possible to them at any crowed place, for example a crowded bus or train. Losing all self control when the appearance of a man who is either fat or wearing glasses, Kolczyńska’s obsession for their attention is so strong that even whilst walking her daughter if she spots one of these men in the streets she chases him to walk close by him in hope that her presence may catch his attention so she can sell her smile and with the best of luck he may say something to her.