The foundations of the property market

Well-educated professionals are crucial for the real estate market. So let’s pay attention to the courses of study directly related to the industry: construction, architecture and urban planning and land use.


Field of study, with significant real estate industry, is primarily a construction. In Krakow, training in this area can be taken at the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy and the Krakow University of Technology. Both universities offer the opportunity to study full time and extramural studies I and II level.

TNS Research Institute predicts that by 2013 the labor market will be missing about 4.5 thousand. structural engineers. Therefore, the Department of Mining and Geo engineering AGH has launched the second edition of full-time students under the government program “Directions ordered.” The total project value is over 2.7 million zł. Last year, he gave direction to adopt the construction of 140 people. A similar situation presented itself in the academic year 2011/2012. The project allows the government to grant student scholarships in the amount of 800 zł per month. This applies from 18 to 25 percent. best students, depending on the year of study.

Cracow University of Technology offers a course building on the two faculties. Department of Environmental Engineering offers 180 places each year for full-time students and 36 for candidates for part-time studies in the first cycle. In turn, the Department of Civil Engineering University provides studies I and II level with a wide range of expertise, there are now ten. In this year’s recruitment of volunteers for a place in the previous year increased from 3.97 to 5.51.

New from the academic year 2010/2011 is a free education in English for full-time degree in the project “Development of Cracow University of Technology didactic potential of modern construction.” Cracow University of Technology provides for the opening in the language of the second cycle of the academic year 2012/2013.

Architecture and urban planning

Closely related to the construction is also architecture. Direction is renowned architecture and urban planning at the Technical University of Cracow. Cracow University of Technology in its offer studio and second degree in full-time or part-time. On the first cycle is required of candidates in an examination of the suitability of architectural and artistic talents. Last year, the number of candidates for one seat was 6.63 for full-time students and 0.5 for part-time studies. Since October school starts here 277 new students.

Also at the Cracow Academy (former Cracow School) since 2003 has been running the School of Architecture and Fine Arts. The unit conducts engineering studies and post-Masters.


Land management is the direction connecting the economics of urban planning and architecture. These studies are available on the University of Economics, Pedagogical University, Cracow Academy and the University of Agriculture.

The direction of the run since 1996 at the University of Economics has become very popular. The university gives the opportunity to complete the land use at the Department of Finance with the title of engineer in the specialities of spatial planning and engineering. Studies can also finish with a BA in specializations strategies for regional development and city management.

These studies are becoming more popular. Evidenced by the fact that last year the full-time degree candidates for the number one place was around 3.34, while in 2011/2012 it was about 6.7.

Responding to the interest of students, this direction has launched another university. At the University of Agricultural studies are, however, offered only in stationary mode. Land management is also available at the Cracow Academy and the University of Pedagogy.

More information about the education of students in fields related to real estate market can be found in the report by the National Council . Filed under: Sell House on open Market.