The Jam

Bruce Foxton is the original bass player for the classic rock band called the Jam, he was with them until the the band leader Paul Weller decided to finish. Foxton and the drummer Rick Bucker reformed the Jam in 2007 with a new singer Russell Hastings and another guitarist named David Moore we also played keyboards, Foxton an buckler preformed many of the Jam’s wealth of classic songs written by Paul Weller.

Russell Hastings is doing a fine job of ripping off Paul Weller to the Point where he has listened to old Jam recording of Weller’s live work and he even copies how Weller gets the notes he found hard to get live, it would be nice if he could come up with an original way to sing the notes himself, but having said that nobody can replace Paul Weller Period.

The only original member in the reformed Jam is Bruce Foxton. They started off calling themselves the Jam but down to copyright reasons they have to make a modification in their name, they are now called From the Jam .