Family businesses which often die

How many times have you lived in an area and remembered some shops which really did well because they sold an excellent product, or perhaps sold nice food, when you go past that place there is no existence of the shop which once sold some beautiful sausage rolls as the one did on Ealing Road Alperton Wembley Middlesex?

I often say to myself it would be so nice if families could stick together and allow a good product to remain forever, sadly its something easier said than done. As a child I lived in Clayton avenue Wembley Middlesex, very close to my home there was a baker who sold sausage rolls that everybody in the area was going crazy for, it would have been really nice if family members had kept it going because they had a really special taste second to none.

You have to take a hat off to the families that keep an old tradition alive. This is a short blog post in memory of a really nice bakery.