Dos batch codes needed for old hardware

A little while ago an old time friend called regarding fixing Dos batch codes it had been sometime since I used this but being a hardware and software engineer Dos batch codes was something which I frequently used so I was not totally lame in recollecting how to write them. It took a little while to refresh my memory but none the less I put my work into focus and was able to revive and old dos system which was working a unique piece of software which no longer available to purchase. At times like this digging under the chestnut tree is essential.

I love the different areas in computers I find it constantly revolves however I find that there are to many not needed languages.

How do you keep languages under control?

Update: You can always log your dos batch codes, in fact you can log all the information which you write on your PC or Mac, the simple way to do this is by using a the software called Keylogger, if you install this software, every stroke you make on the computer will be saved on a text file. Purchase keylogger software here and see how it can be a life saver for you.