One thing lawyers got right

I’ve had some fair experience dealing with lawyers and as bad as it may sound it’s a sure business to make easy money. Many of them have one first interest and that is to make money from you. In many cases they do very little to help your case. In criminal law the lawyer does not care if his or her client ends up in prison and more often than not they do the bare minimum to really help you. It’s not unusual to have lawyers who have a name for themselves to charge in access of £1000.00 an hour, the joke is they lose your case, and a student lawyer wins the case for you.

One of the reasons why a student lawyer wins is he is so detailed in his research as he wants to make a name for himself. A lawyer who charges the ends of the earth should feel ashamed of his ability if a student with less knowledge than him can beat a case which he was unsuccessful with. This is another one of those prime examples where money does not mean everything or the old saying you get what you pay for is anything but true.

The one thing lawyers did get right is how to make a lot of money quickly, to many of them fall way short of their frequently overrated high qualifications.