Stroll in Kabaty Wood: 90% good

One of my favourite pastimes is going for a stroll in Kabaty wood the local woods, of course some may say the woods are boring but those some people never leave their street yet alone go to the local woods and in many cases its not because their housebound or bedridden there just completely lazy full stop.

Kabaty woods may hold different appeal to people for different reasons but my reason for liking it was it’s the first woods I explored during my time living in Poland as well as its the closest woods to where I lived in addition to that I had many nice walks in Kabaty woods with someone who was once special to me, it reflects happy and sad moods.

What I like about it, is its fresh and lots of nature surrounds it, its a really basic forest with some interesting spots here and there for example the old railway track and the tiny lake and the hill were many people like to have a beer or two with friends and on look the local surroundings. The simple things make it interesting.

Aside from that I just enjoy walking there. Places all over the world carry some sort of meaning to people and that’s the reason they frequent them and I guess Kabaty wood is no different. Enjoying the feeling of a sense of freedom or having a barbeque in the woods.