A new party experience using a professional London Mobile DJ

We tried the Karaoke Hire London for a celebration which was needed to celebrate working with a group of very reliable people who’ve shown their skills within many areas so it was time to drink and party.


The London Mobile DJ was worth every penny, one of the reasons being is he played many songs which we all wanted to hear, what was amazing he did so without the music being requested. So one could say there was chemistry between our workers and his choice of music. This resulted in us feeling his service was perfectly satisfactory therefore he is highly recommend to anybody who appreciates the wonders of hearing good music.


There is no time like today to get started with it!

My oh my

I have just been trying to recall where I came across some useful data GuitarBrothers relating to some guitar transcriptions by Jimmy Hendrix, fortunately this guy not only teaches Hendrix guitar style in addition to this he has untold useful vintage music transcriptions which reveal secrets.

I have been looking around for some accurate guitar transcriptions but each time I come across one they are completely wrong, fortunately Mizarolli has done his homework with note for note solos and right up until now his work is the accurate.

One thing there is no shortage of on the web is misleading information which gives us the impression something is true.

Some great videos on up and coming talent

If you have children its very inspiring to see some of the young talent that’s out there many of them are overrated but some are really great.

I think children should have all doors open to them and these videos illustrate the very possible outcome.

John Tiplock

I recently came across some interesting Music Tuition in my home town London UK I was curious about mastering several techniques that only an advance teacher could give me. Fortunately some Music Tuition by John Tiplock were on offer which offered what I was looking to learn. I’ve made some enquirers and will enroll shortly.


The Jam

Bruce Foxton is the original bass player for the classic rock band called the Jam, he was with them until the the band leader Paul Weller decided to finish. Foxton and the drummer Rick Bucker reformed the Jam in 2007 with a new singer Russell Hastings and another guitarist named David Moore we also played keyboards, Foxton an buckler preformed many of the Jam’s wealth of classic songs written by Paul Weller.

Russell Hastings is doing a fine job of ripping off Paul Weller to the Point where he has listened to old Jam recording of Weller’s live work and he even copies how Weller gets the notes he found hard to get live, it would be nice if he could come up with an original way to sing the notes himself, but having said that nobody can replace Paul Weller Period.

The only original member in the reformed Jam is Bruce Foxton. They started off calling themselves the Jam but down to copyright reasons they have to make a modification in their name, they are now called From the Jam .

Little about guitar

If your thinking about becoming a guitarist then try checking out my the GuitarBrothers If you feel your over 40 and you think to yourself your too old, your entirely wrong as your never to old to begin player the Guitar. In fact I know of one guitar teacher who had a student who started playing the guitar at 90 years old, the student is now 115 and is still playing guitar, so if he can do it so can you!

Nicks downloads original free music

If your like me then you love free music, a good place for this is Nicks Downloads many songs which are available have never seen the light of day as its all original martial. Nick has written many good songs so why not check out nicks downloads and his blog.

And if your an admirer of the Bass guitar then you should check out the bass playing of one if the UK’s most respected bass players at the Session Bass Players.

Unorthodox Guitar Lessons

Guitar teacher using unorthodox methods which produce results can allow you to progress beyond your expectations. If you love guitar music & wish to play the guitar, a good start is GuitarBrothers. They teach beginners as well as they teach advanced players. They cover both acoustic and electric guitar styles. They have a unique formula which guarantees results for any guitar student.