My oh my

I have just been trying to recall where I came across some useful data GuitarBrothers relating to some guitar transcriptions by Jimmy Hendrix, fortunately this guy not only teaches Hendrix guitar style in addition to this he has untold useful vintage music transcriptions which reveal secrets.

I have been looking around for some accurate guitar transcriptions but each time I come across one they are completely wrong, fortunately Mizarolli has done his homework with note for note solos and right up until now his work is the accurate.

One thing there is no shortage of on the web is misleading information which gives us the impression something is true.

Meaningless words: simple cash fast spender

Someone I know recently came across a windfall and as a result of this windfall he offered to help me out up until the time he had cash in his hand he was a nice man but like all foolish spenders they spend recklessly and his case was no exception. The reason he was nice to me because I had helped him out financially on numerous occasions.

Your favorite pastime here in 2012

If I were to touch upon this subject I would have to say one of things I do most is always try to better my work and make it more effective as well as make it work for itself. I think the best businesses always work for themselves once they’ve been setup correctly. Like all programmers who work on a top level bettering the way you work is always something which you work hard at.

Polish: What did I miss?

I’ve been living in Poland for many years and I’ve never really learn t the language but as of next week that will change as I’ve finally enrolled on a course. I will study 2 times a week and I hope I can benefit from it by finally speaking fluent Polish.

I will dedicate time to learning what they teach me by committing a couple hours a day learning Polish and it will be interesting to see my progression which will develop a little at a time. If I learn it will I use it more than I use English?

I believe that until we try we don’t know the answer.

I miss you, Gran

“A sad loss for me was the lost of my mother’s mother her name was Gwen. She was an essential part of my upbringing as a child and I often wish she was still here. I know the time comes when we all have to pass away but none the less this is the way we all feel one someone dear passes away no matter what their age is we often wish that time would never come. I recently read in ten years time there will be a pill which allows people to live till 150.

I wonder if this pill was in existence now would she still be here. I can recall here having Alzheimer’s disease and at that time I was completely ignorant to it and thought I had a solution to cure it so I often gave here simple arithmetic to see if it could bring back her memory, how wrong my strategy was in fact I was completely wrong, Shortly after Gran Gwen died a cure for this came n the market and I wish t came when she was alive and I could see it better her situation. I wonder how many cures will come now and ten years.

I really want to be alive when some beautiful health cures come about, it would be great if a pill could cure those who are confined to wheel chairs and the operation could be undergone with the minim pain to the patient as well as little or no side effects. Gran Gwen will always live.”

Frania the Cat

I often admire animals I admire the way they take the time to trust someone I recall a Cat I had called Frania who very much reflected this untrusting character.

Often she would stick her claws out not to harm you only cause she was afraid what you’ll do.

Small change for

Small change for

I never know what to do with my vanity domain but from time to time I get it into my head that I want to give it that new google dynamic websites which you can just keep scrolling from the home page to the very last page.

The other thing which had been coming to mind was to make the site basic and keep eveything in HTML without adding any css with all these thoughts blowing upon my hands I’ve yet to make a final decision but I am sure it will be something special.

Stroll in Kabaty Wood: 90% good

One of my favourite pastimes is going for a stroll in Kabaty wood the local woods, of course some may say the woods are boring but those some people never leave their street yet alone go to the local woods and in many cases its not because their housebound or bedridden there just completely lazy full stop.

Kabaty woods may hold different appeal to people for different reasons but my reason for liking it was it’s the first woods I explored during my time living in Poland as well as its the closest woods to where I lived in addition to that I had many nice walks in Kabaty woods with someone who was once special to me, it reflects happy and sad moods.

What I like about it, is its fresh and lots of nature surrounds it, its a really basic forest with some interesting spots here and there for example the old railway track and the tiny lake and the hill were many people like to have a beer or two with friends and on look the local surroundings. The simple things make it interesting.

Aside from that I just enjoy walking there. Places all over the world carry some sort of meaning to people and that’s the reason they frequent them and I guess Kabaty wood is no different. Enjoying the feeling of a sense of freedom or having a barbeque in the woods.